Frequent Questions

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Do You Buy Coins?

We love coins…they are the cornerstone of our business. We buy all types U.S., Canadian and world coins. This includes most everything from individual rarities to modern mint products; culls to foreign exchange. As long as it has a market value, we have interest.

How do I know that I’m getting a fair price for my items?

This is a tough question since it seems that every buyer claims to pay the “highest prices”. Rather than repeat this grossly overused assertion, we simply promise to pay consistently fair prices…and have done so since 1979. In fact, we always encourage sellers to seek other offers. This is the bottom line; we want sellers to feel secure with any offer made by Maritime International…and in turn recommend us to others.

Will I have to leave my coins for an evaluation & estimate?

Depending on our schedule and showroom volume, we may be able to assist with evaluations and estimates while you wait. We do have days set aside for appointment-only evaluations. It’s always best to call ahead to arrange for a private evaluation so we can give you and your items the time and attention you deserve.

Can I trust you?

This is a valid concern for sellers unfamiliar with such factors as value, authenticity, rarity, and subtle varieties. At Maritime International, we make offers assuming that the customer either knows, or has the ability to find out exactly what he/she has. We want the customer to feel secure with our offer; both during and after the transaction. The Golden Rule applies to our buying and selling policies.

What are your credentials & experience?

We have been in business since 1979, actively buying and selling rare coins, paper money, jewelry and historical memorabilia of many types. We belong to an array of professional organizations including: the American Numismatic Association, Canadian Numismatic Association, National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Orders and Medals Society of America, Orders and Medals Research Society, and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets. Our knowledgeable staff claims a combined collecting/dealing experience of well over 100 years. While we consider ourselves to be professionals, we remain collectors at heart.

Will you pressure me into a decision?

At Maritime International, we never use pressure tactics to force an instant decision. We regularly hear customers complain about browbeating techniques employed elsewhere. We believe that the process of selling should be a relaxed and pleasurable affair for the customer, not the result of arm twisting!

Are you a pawn shop?

No. We are a retail shop, buying and selling coins, currency, precious metals and historical memorabilia. We do not loan money.

Can I get a second opinion after you give me an estimate?

We promise to pay consistently fair prices…and have done so since 1979. In fact, we always encourage sellers to seek other offers. This is the bottom line; we want sellers to feel secure with any offer made by Maritime International…and in turn recommend us to others.

Can you handle “large” deals?

In 35+ years, we have never missed a deal due to lack of buying power. At Maritime International, we have the financial resources to handle even the “big ones”. Bank references can be provided upon request.

How can a dealer in Bangor compete with the ‘big’ dealers in big cities?

Don’t assume the ‘big boys’ always pay more for your material. Often times, high-brow dealers are interested in big ticket items, but may lack interest in lower or medium value items. At Maritime International, we are active buyers of all material, junk to gems. We have markets for higher end rare coins with a worldwide customer base. Moreover, we attend major coin shows all over the U.S. We are in contact with the entire market.

Do you buy ‘scrap’ gold or silver?

We are competitive buyers of gold, silver, and platinum in any form. There are many factors to consider when selling precious metal products. At Maritime International, we will accurately and efficiently sort and weigh your items IN YOUR PRESENCE. As an added free service, we will test items that are unmarked. All offers are based on current Spot metal prices at the time of purchase. Be assured that our buyers are both courteous and professional.

Will I be paid more than ‘scrap’ for my collectibles?

Absolutely. We are delighted to pay more for items that have collectible value. This applies to all intrinsic value coins or jewelry. Rest assured that your better items are not simply thrown on the scales.

Do you sell bullion related products?

Yes, we sell many popular bullion related items including American Eagle gold & silver coinage, Canadian and world bullion coins, as well as generic silver products.

Do you sell rare coins?

Yes. At Maritime International, we have a constantly changing inventory of United States coins including popular U.S. Mint products. A large selection of Canada and World coins are also offered.

Is there sales tax on coins and bullion products?

Unfortunately, yes. Currently, the State of Maine requires that 5 ½% sales tax be collected on these items. Hopefully, our state government will eventually see the wisdom of removing tax on items purchased as an investment.

What do you appraise?

We provide professional appraisal services for estate and insurance purposes. We appraise coins, currency and antique watches only. Appraisals are conducted at our facilities and material is fully insured while in our custody. Fees for our services are very competitive. However, as a courtesy, we do not generally charge for informal verbal opinions.